Prevention program


The Republic of Moldova is poor and the war has blocked the outlet of agricultural products that people were living from. This is the reason why over 40{92266a2eb9e36c101191f5abad8cf34a3a2ea7190a2d7a471d80b42d6fefcd54} of the children are abandoning school, while parents lack the resources to support them. In Purcari, life is hard. We have been to many families where we only found sufferance and resignation. When hope dies, the future disappears. Here is why the foundation opened an after school program for 35 children who are being supported with food and are given the possibility to develop their competencies or catch up with school. School attendance, school performance and health have considerably improved.
During summer holidays, 70 of the Purcari schoolchildren who face major problems in school are being helped by teachers in recoverying of school knowledge and benefit from food.

Children have dreams, but dreams need wings to fly. When life has given you an extraordinary talent but poverty does not help you use it, someone needs to put wings to their dreams. Through this program, we encourage children from arts school to paint, to knit and to build wonderful things. This year’s creation camp has been received with great enthusiasm. Who could ever count the value of a smile or the joy of a child who can dream again?

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