Time of Story

“Life and Light” Foundation campaign “The childhood is a story full of stories. When the stories die, the childhood is killed. Too soon, to cruel, some children ended up in

Never alone

Children, young people, families living in the streets without a shelter, fighting to survive,
But nobody should be left alone

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Together as family

Children without parents, with no education, abandoned, those in the streets must have a change to a normal life, to have a family.

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Independent life

Young people from placement centres reach the age of adulthood and they need support, guidance, and counselling before moving to an independent life.

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A better home

Many are speaking about them, but not much is being done. They are the Roma.

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A future through education

Poverty ruins their future because it blocks their right to education. Poor children in the Republic of Moldova find their way to school, to a normal life.

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