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REDIRECT 20{92266a2eb9e36c101191f5abad8cf34a3a2ea7190a2d7a471d80b42d6fefcd54} OF INCOME TAX

Sponsorships are deductible from your company’s annual profit tax within 20{92266a2eb9e36c101191f5abad8cf34a3a2ea7190a2d7a471d80b42d6fefcd54} of your company’s profit and 0.3{92266a2eb9e36c101191f5abad8cf34a3a2ea7190a2d7a471d80b42d6fefcd54} of turnover – conditions are cumulative; for sponsorships, write to us at and we will establish together the terms of the contract and the partnership.

REDIRECT 2{92266a2eb9e36c101191f5abad8cf34a3a2ea7190a2d7a471d80b42d6fefcd54} OF THE INCOME TAX
Every year, everyone has the option of redirecting 2{92266a2eb9e36c101191f5abad8cf34a3a2ea7190a2d7a471d80b42d6fefcd54} of the income tax to a non-profit organization, which would otherwise go to the state. Find below the forms for with Life and Light Foundation’s data, which you can fill in with your personal details, sign them and send them to the Financial Administration you belong to until May 25, 2017 or send us an email and we’ll contact you us to collect the forms:

The 230 Form (Points A and B – if your salary was your only source of income in 2017. If you do not know the appropriate amount of 2{92266a2eb9e36c101191f5abad8cf34a3a2ea7190a2d7a471d80b42d6fefcd54} of the tax, you can leave the box blank and this will be calculated by the tax authorities)

The 200 Form (if you had other sources of income in 2017. Eg.: disposal of the use of property, copyright, etc.)
*Legal framework: Fiscal Code, Art. 84 from the Law no. 571/2003

The taxpayers may dispose of an amount representing up to 2{92266a2eb9e36c101191f5abad8cf34a3a2ea7190a2d7a471d80b42d6fefcd54} of the tax due on the taxable annual net income, the taxable annual net gain from the transfer of securities, other than shares and securities, in the case of closed-ended companies, annual net gains on time-based currencies on a contractual basis, and any other operations of that nature, to support non-profit entities that are set up and operate according to the law, the worship units, as well as the granting of private scholarships, according to the law.

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