Together as family

No child should live abandoned, on the street. This is why the mobile team of the prevention program brings children from the street to the transition centre. Abandonment, disease, violence, exploitation, lack of education condemns every child left on the street to become the victim of violence. This is the reason why we take children in the reintegration program where, during a period of time between 3 and 6 months, we try to reintegrate him/her in the biological or extended family. Sometimes this process lasts a long time, other times it is not possible at all. Not everyone who gives birth to a child becomes family.
When the family is not able to integrate the child, he/she remains with us and receives the chance for optimal life conditions: food, shelter, clothing, education, love, a harmonious development that makes the normal living possible. 40 children are raised by the foundation.
A specialized team is permanently in touch with the biological or extended family of the child in placement centre, trying to find the best alternatives so that the family is able raise their own child. When financial problems are the reason of separation, we support the family in order to reduce the number of situations of child abandonment and to overcome crises (financial, material and psychological support). Over 500 children were reintegrated in the biological families.

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