Independent life

After the age of 18, the child needs to leave the protection system because he/she is legally considered as adult, although, psychologically, he/she is unprepared. After a life spent in the placement centre, the child who is now a youngster, is thrown in the flurry of a society where competition is very tough. Unprepared, with no support, many of the youth who have left the orphanages did not manage to integrate, did not find a job and they were not able to “fit in” the harsh society.
Our program offers accommodation, 3 meals a day, vocational and psychological counselling that may build up on the motivation and determination to succeed. 65 youth are beneficiaries of the residential program for a period of one year. Over 1200 youth have been supported through this program, while the percentage of the ones who integrated socially and professionally is over 90{92266a2eb9e36c101191f5abad8cf34a3a2ea7190a2d7a471d80b42d6fefcd54}.
A part of the youth need help for a shorter period of time, they need food, financial support or vocational counselling, without requiring accommodation facilities. 20 youth are supported through such services.

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