Time of Story

December 14, 2017 1:25 am Publicat de

“Life and Light” Foundation campaign “The childhood is a story full of stories. When the stories die, the childhood is killed. Too soon, to cruel, some children ended up in the reality of a life where they cannot hear their mother’s voice, nor can they fly like a plane in their father’s arms, they have no home, nor bed where to have sweet dreams. Let’s make a warm-hearted story on the morning of December 6, a morning in which childhood flies in the streets of joy. Let’s give to the children from “Life and Light” a “Time of Story”. We give them candies, gifts, you get them boots. “Time of Story”. The campaign of “Life and Light” Foundation. We have been in the street for 23 years, where many children live true drama. For them we need 125 boots. The children in the Life and Light Placement Center received the support of Mircea Zamfir, triple world champion in aerobic gymnastics. They got their boots. There are 42 children who will have a beautiful holiday on December 6th. Thank you Zamfir Mircea. Many children from poor families cannot go to school because they have no resources: no food, no clothes, no footwear. For 2 years “Life and Light” Foundation offers lunch at school for 250 children from Valea Măcelarului and Bughea... View Article