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Campaign ,,All the way′′

August 6, 2020 7:59 am Published by Comments Off on Campaign ,,All the way′′

Life and Light opened its doors in 1994. At that time over 1000 children were in the street. The foundation teams distributed food and clothing, shoes daily. In 1996 we opened the Life and Light orphanage. Through the foundation’s gates, 1400 children passed, but over 500 actually lived in Life and Light. Today there are great people with family, job, faith in God. The Romanian law provides that foster care will close at the end of 2020. In their place there will be family-type houses with 12-15 children. Life and Light has 40 children. We cannot tell these children that on December 31th they will be taken from Life and Light and taken to other centers. Such a move would affect them a lot. The state doesn’t have available seats for them at the moment. We decided to set up two family houses using the two foundation buildings. In order to complete this work we need: people who will work voluntarily, donations in materials or money. If you will help us, we will continue to tell the children that love goes all the way. The amount needed is around 30.000 euros. For those who want to help us, you have the account details below: Life and Light Foundation Tax Code: 8612072 RON: RO42 BRDE 410S V197 8115 4100 EUR: RO39... View Article

Together we do robots

October 25, 2019 10:18 pm Published by Comments Off on Together we do robots

On Wednesday, November 23, we started the project ”Roboțim împreună” (Together we do robots) at the Life and Light Foundation placement centre. Ana-Maria Stancu was our guide in the mysteries of robotics. The children from the centre, as well as their colleagues, were initially distrustful that they could program, but then discovered that it is not so difficult, that the robots built by them respond to orders. The enthusiasm was contagious for adults as well. Kids are just waiting for the next hour of robotics. The film captures the curiosity, interest, and enthusiasm of the little ones. The ”Roboțim împreună” project is jointly funded by the Fondul Științescu București (Științescu Bucharest Fund), managed by the Fundația Comunitară București (Bucharest Community Foundation)