Prevention program

Never alone


Children, who have run away from home because of poverty or violence, youth, elders or families without home or with no income, may have a daily meal at the Emergency Centre. From Monday to Friday, the door of the centre is open for a number of 60-80 people who benefit from a warm meal, medical assistance in case of emergency situations, a hot shower, clothing, shoes and legal assistance.
At the center, we hear their pains, we support them and help them out.

Starting with 1994, the mobile team of the foundation has been daily on the streets, from Monday to Friday and sometimes also during the weekend, in order to reach out to those living on the streets, in the sewerage or in abandoned houses.
There are currently 16 locations where our mobile team is involved, supporting with food, medical help, and legal assistance.
During the interventions led by the mobile team, we have helped many children to get back to their families, or to be integrated in placement centres. As long as there are people on the streets, we will be there, too.


35 families very poor families, living on the brink of survival, are annually supported for paying the rent, medical interventions, food, school supplies, clothes and footwear, home repairing materials. 
We help them through the support of our specialists and with legal information about the possibilities that the state may offer them.
We help the family, we help the child to be able to remain with his/her parents.

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