Prevention program


Many are speaking about them, but not much is being done. They are the Roma. For centuries they were slaves, and after the abolition of slavery they continued to be poor and persecuted. Many still face marginalization, poverty and discrimination and are trying to survive by resorting to marginal survival strategies, even begging in the streets of major cities in Europe.
Some come from Măcelarului Valley, a community of 700 Roma where only two people have a job. No running water, no sewer, no road, no civilization, no house, no cavalry, living from one day to the next. Stigmatized, despised, but without any support, they seem condemned. Children are the future. Education is the only chance for a normal life. That is why 120 children from the Măcelarului Valley and 120 children from Bughia de Sus are supported by the foundation, with lunch, at school. Many of them lack clothing, shoes, school supplies and because of their poor diet, some of them cannot go to school. Through this program, school drop-out has decreased, while their school performance and health improved. Education in Romania is free, but it costs.

When one can reach Măcelarului Valley by cart and horse or by SUV only, one understands how small chances these people have for a normal life. This is why we knocked at all doors so that a paved road may be built.
In partnership with the town hall, we started sewage works. The town hall has facilitated the building of the water infrastructure, while the foundation has financially supported the project, making the access to running water possible for 110 households. Together with the local authorities, efforts are being made for land registration that may enable land allotment to locals. Without legal title and address, there are no roots. And without roots, one ends up wandering on the streets of Europe.

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