Together we do robots

October 25, 2019 10:18 pm Publicat de

On Wednesday, November 23, we started the project ”Roboțim împreună” (Together we do robots) at the Life and Light Foundation placement centre. Ana-Maria Stancu was our guide in the mysteries of robotics. The children from the centre, as well as their colleagues, were initially distrustful that they could program, but then discovered that it is not so difficult, that the robots built by them respond to orders. The enthusiasm was contagious for adults as well. Kids are just waiting for the next hour of robotics. The film captures the curiosity, interest, and enthusiasm of the little ones. The ”Roboțim împreună” project is jointly funded by the Fondul Științescu București (Științescu Bucharest Fund), managed by the Fundația Comunitară București (Bucharest Community Foundation)