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Content C9: Implement Security Logging And Monitoring Owasp Proactive Control 5 Owasp Application Security Verification Standard Asvs Using Components With Known Vulnerabilities When An Owasp Asvs Attestation Is Better How To Prevent Insecure Design? The responsibility for securely developed applications lies, in part, with developers. However, it is often the case that developers are targeted and judged on areas that are not security-related. Secure code training can provide interactive training specifically designed for Developers to understand and explore how to write clean, readable, defensive code. Broken access controls are common in modern web apps and attackers regularly exploit them in order to compromise users and gain access to resources. Authentication and authorization flaws can lead to exposure of sensitive data or unintended code execution. Common access control vulnerabilities include failure to enforce least-privileged access, bypassing access control checks, and elevation of privilege (e.g., acting as an admin when logged in as a user). Continuous and automated penetration testing can assist in identifying CWE’s which could lead to cryptographic failure and SQL injection and XSS attacks. This document is intended to provide initial awareness around building secure software. When you use software plugins, libraries, or modules from untrusted sources, repositories, and content delivery networks , they can introduce the potential for unauthorized access, malicious code, or system compromise by attackers. Examples... Vezi Articol